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Air filter

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Hi guys I've been hearing about dirt getting past the air filter. On a 2015 ranger 900 xp, what is the Right or proper way to install a air filter? Do you seat it in the top or bottom case before your close it ? Thanks guys for all of your help.
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I would make sure it's seated well all the way around and be sure the box is sealed up as well.
If driving on gravel roads is going to be a part of my rides life what is the best step to do to protect it? Is snorkeling something to consider even though I may not be dealing with high water a lot? I just have a shit ton of gravel around the cabin and it's about 10 miles to the watering hole......what's the best thing to do to protect from the dust?
I having been thinking snorkel as well. However, I know from installing my windshield, the change in air flow around the unit causes dust to be drawn in the bed area and in fact, I ended up having to purchase a rear windshield to stop it from entering the cabin. So, would a snorkel be the right option if running a windshield given the added dust be drawn into the bed region? For this reason, I have been thinking of routing something to the front under the hood and someone here mentioned the air duct off a 500 crew, think that’s right may be a good option for my unit.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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