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Posted - March 07 2007 : 7:19:59 PM

I have not had a chance to sit down and get all this put in a readable format yet but here is everyone's Electronic Ticket number. You can go to the airline website, put in your last name and the number, minus the "E" and see your flights, times and seats. I have changed all my seating arrangements so I could have a window seat. Me and Bob are actually on the flight from MSP to Memphis and I changed his seat so we could talk on the flight home! This is going to be a lot of fun.

I am trying to call folks too but I am swamped at work and I am still here, sorry for the delay.

Neal- American Airlines E#0017665236100 Record locator: LBRDYE
Allan- US Airways E#0377665236101 Confirmation code: FWKHS3
Lynette- American Airlines E#0017665236104 Record locator: JAUUJE
Dan- American Airlines E#0017665236103 Record locator: JBUSSV
Gary- United E#0167665236107
Bob- Northwest E#0127665236112
Bruce- Northwest E#0127665236102
Ken- Northwest E#0127665236105
Trevis- American E#0017665236108 Record locator: BAESSC
Bill- Northwest E#0127665236106
Chuck- US Airways E#0377665236111 Confirmation code: FV2N54
Brian- American E#0017665236109 Record locator: CCRHHA
Fred- American E#0017665236110 Record locator: BAFOUW

*For those flying American Airlines, to see your seats and change them if needed, you will need to go to the link below, click on "Continue without logging in" and then enter your name and Record Locator number above. Below is the link.*

For those flying US Airways, click the link below, punch in the confirmation code listed above and enter April 26 for the Departure date. It even gives you the pricing and allows you to change your seat. For instance, Allan's ticket was $491!!

For those flying Northwest, click on the link below and then click the box to select E ticket number and put in your E-ticket number in the bottome box. Use only numbers, not the "E" prefix. Also, put in your last name in the box on the right.
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