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All RZR owners- What to look for whrn buying a used RZR

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Hey all , so I'm looking at another machine in a week and just wondering what to look for as far as issues or other experiences with it. The bike is a 2011 800s and its got ruffly 900 miles on it . And for a $7500 price tag it seems to good to be true. Thanks for all the help in advance.
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2001 RZR? Don't believe there is any such critter!
I assume he must mean a 2011 model?
Yeah sorry a 2011, are there certain areas I should be looking at that are know for problems on this year make and model
The 2011 RZRs are pretty good machines. The 2010 and older had an issue with the tbap wires rubbing on the engine. I'd check for codes. Those year Polaris machines did have some issues with the idle air control but you will know because it won't run right.
Minor thinks like bushings are often bad. Pay attention to the diff, there are a lot of reports of a nut backing off and the diff basically exploding. Several people have mentioned hearing a "ticking" noise shortly before everything letting go.
Also check for engine dusting - pull the air filter and check the intake pipe and make sure dirt was not going past the filter. There are two schools of thoughts on air cleaner, seems a bunch of people like the aftermarket for better flow, but the others hate them due to more dirt going by the filter and causing engine issues.
Check of the RZRforum for a TON of info on the machines and possible problems.
Good luck on your purchase
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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