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Aluminum Heat Shield Broke

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The aluminum heat shield that is on the front of the engine broke/cracked out and fell down and rubbbed against the driveshaft output shaft.

Didn't realize it right away, was out riding with some friends, and from time to time there was this annoying aluminum vibration that I was sure was coming from the exhaust system, as it only made a noise as I was slowly speeding up, doing some heavy mudding, and water crossings, got home, and realized it.

It would be easy enough to weld, I just removed the broken piece off the engine as the heat shield is directly behind the heater opening, I am watching for any heat damage to the seat/plastic behind my legs if I should fix and reinstall.

Anyone else have this break out?
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I think there is a replacement heat shield that is thicker, my friend's '06 had a cracked heat shield and the dealer told him an improved part was available.
Tyler no I haven't had that break, but I wanted to say welcome to PRC.
Gosh guys I went through problem 10 or more of those heat shields within 100 hours on my 2006 XP. Late last year they came with a thicker shield. I have had no problems with the thicker shield yet. I am approaching 400 hours on my XP. Ranger Jack, the 07 should have the thicker shield.
tyler i just got a peice of thicker alum and made one its held up 30 or 40 hrs no more cracks
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