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I have a 2005 Ranger 700 4x4. Has about 600 hours.

Crank no start, no blink codes, no spark. no fuel pump with key on. (but tested to work). I noticed a wire corroded off the connector for the crank position sensor. I fixed that.

Still crank, no spark, no fuel pump, but now I have a blink code 51 and 52.

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I pulled the ECM from under the hood. Found burnt pins. it was one of the yellow stator wires

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Being that the fuel pump/injector circuit doesn't come on at key on, I assume there is more damage than just the charging/voltage regulator portion of this ecm.

The 2005 2006 ECM are pretty much a combination isolation module and voltage regulator all in one is my understanding,

looking closely at the 2005 and 2007 schematic, the computer under the seat in the 05 has all the same outputs and wires, as the 07 computer (different part numbers, so something must be different) .the 2007 has wires that go to a stand alone voltage regulator and relays unlike the 05 that has the ECM.

Has anyone tried to wire in relays or a voltage regulator in an 05/06? but still have the computer control the relays. I have read that some ppl wire a fan or fuel pump to a switch. looking at the 2 schematics, it looks like the 2005 ECM can completely be replaced by relays and a voltage regulator . Does anyone know of the ECM has any other functions?

It looks like the injectors and fuel pump are on the same circuit on the positive side, but the injectors negative wires go directly to the computer, so the injector function i assume is controlled by the computer, but powered by the ecm.
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