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Another Tire Question.....

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Looking for a tire that I can run the same size on all four corners that works well in forest, desert and sand. About half our riding is sand. I try to stay out of mud beyond creek crossings or rainy trails - NO bogging... I do not want dedicated paddles for sand, the limo does well enough for our riding with PXTs. I just want all four tires the same.

When we go to the desert we will do a 100 plus mile loop, and sometimes more with camping from our Ranger. There are a lot of sharp rocks and typical harsh terrain.

I have three extra stock rear wheels and 1in spacers so I can run them on the front. My plan is to have a matching spare. I also have a trailer that I made adapters for that use the 4x156 pattern that I will use my current front wheels and tires on and my spare will work with it as well.

And just to make it more difficult I was looking for a non-directional tire so I could rotate the spare with them and not have to worry about direction.

I have a Dragonfire 2" lift and am not running a rear sway bar.

With the stock rear wheels and a 1in spacer they have the same back spacing as the stock front wheels.

I do not want to add forward a-arms and I do not want the tires to rub at full lock but I do want to run as tall and wide a tire as I can for flotation in sand.

I am leaning towards the GBC Mongrel in 26x10x12 or 27x11x12 but have not seen real measurements on them to compare to my PXTs. I am also looking at the Sedona Roctane in 26x11x12 and the Discount Tires Journey 350 in 27x10x12 as the Journey is running $95 a tire shipped but have seen very little as to how the tire holds up and performs.

Thanks for your time,
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I'm in the same boat. I'm stuck between the STI Roctane or the EFX Motoclaw. I'm leaning towards motoclaw due to being DOT approved. I can tell you that the Roctanes run true to size and you can run a 27 inch tire without mods. And yes you can run the same size all the way around but I'm not certain you can do it with the 12 inch wheel. Maybe someone else with more knowledge will chime in on that. Goodluck
I have run both the GBC Mongrel 26x10x12 tires and the 27x9x12 front 27x11x14. Here's my $.02. I thought having the same width tire on all 4 corners would be beneficial. I was wrong. First, the stock steel wheels are 12x6 and the rear are 12x8 so the width of the tires are not actually the same because of the wheels width/offset. These tires performed much better than stock 489's or PXT's and lasted 7k miles. Size wise they are a touch under 26" tall. I noticed that my overall stability had improved but not as much as I'd hoped. I recently switched to the 27's and I really like them. They are just a bit under 27" tall, but the stability is way better. I think that I'm really going to like these tires. FYI, I have had a set of these center cyped (cyped the two center rows of lugs) for winter/mud and they perform very well. I can only get about 5k out of a set this way. I do find that the sidewalls will split at about 1 year of use regardless of mileage. I have not idea why, but it has happened on the last 6 sets of tires I had on ranger's. All of these tires are run in a ranch setting, parked outside, driven in mud/snow/gravel/sagebrush. They are the only tire I've had that will last 7k miles and almost NEVER have to plug!
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Thanks for the info.

I have something interesting to add. The second set of rear wheels I got off eBay were listed by a Poalris dealer as Ranger XP 900 and Crew 900 wheels but when I compared them to the wheels that came on my Crew 900 I found they had less offset so they will not work for what I wanted, all the same wheels. I contacted the dealer and they told me they were in fact XP 900 wheels.

XP 900 wheels Part #1521702-067
Tire Automotive tire Auto part Wheel Automotive wheel system

Crew 900 wheels Part # 1521631-067
Tire Automotive tire Auto part Wheel Rim

It is basically 3/4 in more offset with the Crew wheel.......

Both of those sets came with the 26in PXT. A friend of mine has a Range XP 900 with the 25in 489s and it looks like they have even less offset than both of these...

I am going to sell both sets of steel wheels as I ended up with a set of 5 LE rear wheels and will be using them for my Crew with the PXTs for now and will look to a non directional when they wear out so I can rotate all 5.
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