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Anyone with a 2014 900 deluxe orange review

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I'm wondering how the 900 deluxe nuclear sunset orange is? Are the seats more comfortable, is the stereo ok? Any complaints with anything like door or? Thanks for any input.
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No complaints here love mine stereo hard to hear at road speed but other than that great ride I like the bucket seats with the console
Thanks I'm considering upgrading to one. I love the color, seats and doors.
All good input. Is the paint holding up good?

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Thanks guys. Now I want one more. Lol

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I got it today with 37 miles on it. It has emp front and rear bumpers, glass front and rear windows, Polaris roof, rock sliders, diamond plate floors, 2" lift, small led light in front and came with 2 cube led, warn winch, 2 storage boxes and that's all I can think of right now.

Oh yea also 4 more yrs of warranty. The power steering is awesome, radio is good but haven't tried the Bluetooth yet.

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Yes it is it has a seal around the lid and a drain on the bottom but I'm not sure I'm going to keep on.

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