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Audio Forms Roof FM Signal

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I have a non amplified audio formz roof and love it. I added a Fosgate 400watt amp today and it sounds GREAT!!! Only issue is now I don't have any FM signal reception. I use Bluetooth streaming often but would like to still use FM. I have tried 2 different antennas and the only way they work is when I pull the head unit out and hold the antenna in my hand or near the middle of the ranger. Once I shove it back in the roof cavity it barely gets 1 station. I live in Dallas, TX and have very strong signals. Any ideas???
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My roof doesn't get a god signal either. Had a audioformz roof on my can am commander and it did awesome and would pick stations that others having a long external antenna couldn't pick up well. So I've been disappointed this time around on the lack of signal.

Sorry no solution for you either yet
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