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Aux. light update photos

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1. I mounted a 45w double row Superbright LED's Amber Fog LED on the optional OEM brush guard.

2. I mounted a Seizmik light bar high on the A-pillars in front of the roof. The light bar has the 2 Seizmik 9w LED Floods canted 35 degrees outboard and 2 18w LED Spots aimed straight ahead.

This setting does not do the LEDs justice. I'll have to take some more on the trails at night. The Spots really illuminate out a lot further past the OEM cutoff.

NOTE: This is with the plow mounted and in the down light obstruction.

Amber Fog

Seizmik light bar

OEM headlights

Amber fog

2 9w Floods

2 18w Spots

All whites ON, Amber Fog OFF

All lights ON
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What was the reasoning for the amber bar? The 6k leds light up alot more
1. Live in lee of Lake Erie....marine environment, get a lot of fog
2. Live in lee of Lake Erie.... get a lot of lake effect snow squalls and white outs + plowing at night white lights are blinding and too much back glare.
3. Hunt in mountainous terrain where valleys are sometimes fogged in early & late in the day.
4. I found that loading on aluminum trailer with a rock shield at night the amber light cuts down glare and reflection.

Note: Both amber, spot and floods are wired directly to winch batteries...ergo all ON at same time draw too many amps....I.e. will draw down the winch batteries quickly..... so will not run all 3 light systems at same time....either amber OR spot/floods.
I have the Seizmik light bar on my x- mas list looks good!!
@ Earl62: Here are more pics of the installation. I used Superbright LED's wiring harness, 2 light tandem with relay and button switches instead of the Seizmik wiring harness....for dash space reasons and
the ability to separate the spot, flood and fog circuits.


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Holy buttons and switches Batman! That looks great but I drink way too much beer in my machine to deal with that many switches! I have 8 aux LED lights facing forward and one for reserve and added zero switches.
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