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Average cost for service

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Hi, this is kind of a follow up to the thread "1 month or 25 hours"; I had some more questions and didn't want to hijack the thread anymore than I already had...

My original question was if people performed their own service or brought their machines to the dealer... or if they brought it to the dealer for the initial service and then did the rest themselves, etc.

I'd like to follow that question up here and also ask what can I expect for service costs for say the first scheduled maintainance?

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I just had my 07 XP servciced with 26 hrs on it a few days ago and they changed all fluids and checked about 25 items on the check list and it cost me $145.00. They said bring it back in at about 100 hrs and do it again. Also said it wasn't necessary to change the rear end lube every time but it's still not a bad idea.
Some say the price is higher in there area. I was there about 1 1/2 Hrs.
I'll take it back.
I do my own, that way I know its done right!
My 25 hr sevice cost me $207. All the fluids changed, and the other checks. Next time I will do it myself. Takes too much time to go to dealer.
I put the full service warrantee on my 06 XP Ranger when I bought it. Thus far I take it to the dealership every 25 hour for service - no charge. When the warrantee expires I will do my own services rather than pay them $300. But for now I like getting some return for the money I already spent.[}:)]
Joe in Tucson
I'll definitely be doing my own service on mine. Like stated above "That way I know it's done right".

I ALWAYS buy a shop manual for my machines.
I bought the shop manual and will be doing my own service. Much cheaper!
What does a shop manuel cost?
shop manual on ebay about $40.00
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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