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awd not working

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Notice yesterday that the icon for 4wd on the speedo was not coming and the front wheels not engaged, also the red switch light for 4wd is not working, could this be a bad switch no red light. were to start looking the 2 wd locks in and out thanks Greg
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Ok I pulled the switch and did the continuity test it worked ok as per manual without power not much for the 12 volt side. thing that gets me is the awd switch also doesn't light anymore
next thing I think is check to see if I have 12volts down at the front gear case plug front hub I guess. also have rear locker when switched to rear can hear it click in and out also feel it when turning
I guess I doe hear the clicking noise when I switch back forth from turf to rear locker and can feel it working but the red switch light is not on like it use to be also don't no were the power comes from
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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