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Axle angle measurements

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2015 XP900
3" SATV lift
shock springs at full compression and shocks mounted on the inner mounting hole of the lift bracket.
machine sitting on the ground
LF 17* degrees
RF 16*
LR 20*
RR 21*
Jacked off the ground at full droop
LF 25*
RF 23*
LR 27*
RR 28*
anybody see anything out of whack???
no noise, no binding
I'm going to measures my sons 2010 XP800 in the same conditions. It also has the SATV 3" lift and both machines have 26" Bighorns on 12" ITP wheels.
checked it yesterday sitting on the ground and its angles are more extreme.
Im assuming there is a difference in the way the machines are built.
anyone know their axle angles and are you having any issues?
trying not to break and buy axles or cv's.
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I,ve heard on here that 3 inch lift will require new axles T&S
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