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Back during late the summer/fall of 2016 is when I added the Blue Sea fuse block and made the wiring harness for my lights. I also installed a new Mega Crank Battery. On my dash I have a combination Inside/Outside thermometer, compass/volt meter that shows running voltage and also has Red/Yellow/Green battery condition lights. I have it plugged into a 12V receptacle. I know it may not be accurate, but gives me something to keep tabs on the system. Not this past hunting season, but the one before (2020) I noticed it was time for a new battery. At that point it was 4 years old. But it had to weight because money was tight. When running at night I usually have my front LED driving lights on, a set of the LED spotlights are on, and the heater fan is usually running on low speed. When the cooling fan clicked on, the LED lights didn't pull down at. It was only when the regular headlights were on that I would notice a slight pull down. During that hunting season (2020), Running at idle with things running as described (before the colling fan comes on), one of the LED running lights would flicker a little, and volts were around 12.5V. Giving it a little gas, it quit and volts would go up a bit. When the cooling fan came on volts would drop to 11.8 until the fan shut off, then go back up to 14V. Last year I checked all my wiring in case I had a pinched wire. All is good. Last hunting season the condition worsened. When driving in low gear at about 10mph, with the LED driving lights on, LED spot lights on, heater fan on low, when the cooling fan came on, the lights would go out for a moment then come back on. Voltage dropped to 10.5-11.8 while this happened but came back up to 13.5-14V after the cooling fan quit. On my last morning there it was cold, around 20-25 deg.. When I started the Buggy up the voltage shot up to 21 volts and fluctuated from there. Didn't matter if I gave it gas or not. After it warmed up it stabilized around 14V so I headed out to close up my blinds for the season. I got no codes or warning lights at all on the dash display. I left it idling as I closed up the blinds and it ran fine. I left the Buggy and trailer out there in WV because of my back (I was by myself).
So here's my Question, LOL... I'll be going back out to WV in a week or two to open up for the year and retrieve the Buggy. I'll be taking a new battery out with me. Would it be a good idea to also take a new voltage regulator with me? I've been looking online at them and pricing. Consensus is stay away from a stock unit? How about Quad Logic?
Thanks guys...
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