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Gary and Bruce

The belt and motormount issue is getting touchy.

I have found out that Polaris came out with a new part number for the motormount but (this is the bad part) the part number that is stamped on the back of the motormount is the same as the old number.

In other words, it is the same mount in a bag with a new part number on the bag. The ole switcherooooooo....

Can we put a call into our contacts and see if they are covering these belt/mount issues? My dealer tells me that he is covering them only if under warranty. This is from the direction of Polaris.

Our Site is sometimes considered as too politicaly polite and one sided on the Polaris side.

It would be nice to see some proper polite action taken by Polaris as a result of our proper polite inquiry into a delicate situation.

The members are then happy, Polaris is then happy and PRC is then happy.[:D]

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