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Bent Rear A- Arm

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Hello All,

This weekend I bent my lower rear A-Arm (driver's side) on the ranger. Has anyone tried to replace this? How long does it take and hom involved is it? Looked relatively simple, but I am definatley mechanicaly challenged. My kids were playing on the ranger, released the parking brake, and the ranger rolled into my parked trailer, hitting the jack on the trailer, bending the a arm!! It is not exactly bent, but looks like it was shot with a low caliber round. I got a price on the a arm for $94.00 (has to be silver to match the others), just wondering if this was a major project or not.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!
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Question. A buddy bent his front A-arm on his ranger after hitting a rather large stone. You can actually see the bend in one of the arms. However, it drives well and he can't detect any difference at all with the handling of the machine. Does he need to change it? Or can he still drive without any worry of further damage?
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