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Best place to buy doors

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Im gna bite the bullet and buy the canvas doors. Ebay has them for $899, where else should I look?
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I have a friend that bought a set of pro armor full doors for $1000. I'm considering buying some myself. He bought his from dealership.
pro armor makes full doors for the 900?
I was just on their website I did not see full doors. I would be interested in knowing what doors Grant's friend bought for a 1000 bucks.
I just bought some off of for 682.00 plus shipping.
I just bought some off of for 682.00 plus shipping.

$812 shipped. Thank you!
We didn't know they made them either until we went to dealership and asked about the doors. Can't take pics right now I'm offshore on oil rig but I will try to remember to when I get back home next week.
I apologize I was wrong they are armor tech. Trying to get him to send me a pic of them.
Cheapest place I've seen was on ebay. That said, I ended up purchasing them at the local dealership...SOMETIMES they will price match
Ordered them today through cheapcycleparts. $692 shipped. They are offering free shipping w promo code NEWYEAR15

now to get a firestorm heater...
Does the free shipping apply to large items?

It took off the shipping on my doors, give it a try!!
Still would love to see pics of these armour tech full doors.
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Sorry it took so long to get the picture guys but here it is.
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Just ordered mine, (the Polaris steel half doors) didn't get charged for shipping but have a feeling I'll be getting a phone call saying the free shipping doesn't apply to large items. Ordered a set of fenders for my old renegade from the same place during a free shipping promo but still got charged shipping because of the size. Who knows maybe I'll get lucky. Even with shipping they are still cheaper than buying them from the idiots at the local Polaris shops.
View attachment 8167 Sorry it took so long to get the picture guys but here it is.

those are sharp!!
Where do I go to find those doors, I can't seem to find those on the net. They are great looking thanks ahead of time for the info and pics.
It looks like pro armor has been bought by polaris. Im assuming thats why he said he got them through a dealer
The doors pictured above are how much? $1000.??? Thats a good looking door ! I would have guessed $2000+ for those..Sharp !
I pm'ed him to see where he found them, I cant seem to find them on the internet. I found a armor tech web site but it seemed to be all truck parts.
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