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bigger tires

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I was wondering what kind of tires to put on my 07 silver XP. I didnt' know how big I can go before they rubbed, or if you need certain tires with the bead lock rims.
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27" WITH no lift, 30" with 2" of lift. I think yiu can run whatever you want with the beadlockers.
Stupid question from a newbie. What exactly are bead lock rims?
I get a little bit of rub in the front with 28's when my suspension compresses most all of the way.
For the Bead Lock, I simplest way to explan it is a rim with an extra piece around the bead area. Once you mount you tire you install the bead lock and you tire is mechanically locked to the sealing seat of the rim. Alot of people use them so they can air down their tire and run them with having to worry about rolling the tire off the rim.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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