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Well, I have said goodbye to Randy and he is off again and headed toward Myrtle Beach. What a great time we had, it was just too short!! We, or should I say me, were talking so much that I forgot to take pics while we were eating, dang it!! But, I did engage the brain and get some before Randy left. I did get a nice suprise when Randy handed me a package, wrapped by Randy's "bride", for my birthday. It was a very nice shirt with the logo for Tomahawk, Wisconsin on it.[:D] Thanks Randy and tell Sue thank you for me as well. What a great birthday, to be able to spend some time with a fellow PRC buddy![:)] The weather was sunny but a little cool, although to some, it would have been perfect. Below are some pictures from this morning.

Washing away the grime.

It is "Dew" time!!

My shirt that Randy brought me. Notice the Maltese between us checking out the Harley!!

Ever wonder if Randy REALLY enjoys riding his Harley? Check out the smile!!

Randy on the road again.

I wish we had been able to spend more time together but maybe we can do it again soon. Until next time my friend. Take care and be careful.
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