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Bored Throttle Bodies

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Bikeman Performance now has bored throttle bodies in stock for the 700 motor. These are taper bored from 48mm to 44mm resulting in 3 to 4 horsepower gain. Resulting in awesome throttle response and more midrange punch. Send your throttle body in on exchange. The price is 200.00. The stock bore on these throttle bodies is 40mm. This setup works really well with pipe and cam. Thanks Dale!
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This will definately go on my "to do" list for the ultimate Ranger!!
I can also vouch for these, as well. When we added it to mine, we had to add 10 to the boondockers fuel controller just at idle because of the increased airflow. That equivalent to 3 jet sizes, just to give you and idea. I was literally blown away, to say the least.

Here's a pic of the difference between stock and modified:

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This is also done to mine and is very good mod......Curt
Great picture Chris, more air more power. The picture says it all. Thanks Dale!
Dale, do you change the butterfly also ?
yes, dale told me they make a new butterfly after boring.
It's pretty slick Chuck! I had to raise my fuel settings on the boondocker 10 ticks from 3 to 13 just at idle.

I like it, it will have to go on the list.
Can you put this on a stock 700xp without having to make any other changes?
Yep, but you'll most likely need a fuel controller to add more fuel...Dale would know best, but I'd say it's required based on me needing to add 10 ticks on my boondockers.

Great, something else I have to buy :)
The dobeck should add more fuel, shouldn't it?
You will need a fuel controller with a bored throttle body. I dont know if the doebeck will work in all the testing we did they were never able to add enough fuel. Yes we machine a new butterfly for the throttle body. Thanks Dale!
We also have bored throttle bodies for the 500 motor also. Thanks Dale!
What is available in a Fuel Controller,and where do you get one? I assume we're talking about a Fuel Injection Controller? "Electronic Control Unit" ?
I've used the Dobeck TFI, the Dynojet Power Commander, and now the Boondockers fuel controller. It's by far the easiest of all three of them to use, and nearly as adjustable as hooking up the laptop to the Dynoject.

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