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bumpers ( updated website )

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Hi fellas,

I got a new pipe bender and i would like to give building my own bumper a shot, could someone take a shot of how thier front bumper bolts to the frame? im totaly lost on this.

Thanks guys
Here is a link i have to build your own pipe bender.. Looks awsome...
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I dont have a pic but I can try to describe it. There are two bolts and that go through the bottom of the frame and the nuts go on top, very close to the front dif. The holes are already in the frame. The other two bolts go through the front grill and are tapped. Thats it for the polaris bumper.
they are not tapped if you havent done it already. it uses a 5/16" tap.. all you gotta do is look under it and you'll see the botom bolts.. it will maks sense when you see it.
I would recomend conecting a different way than polaris did. The upper factory connection spot is weak. I skided over a rock and my bumper pushed the upper conection up and crushed half of the bottom row of my radiator. Maybe a better built bumper would not have bent but the upper conection is a weak spot. I jumped on the bumper to bend everything but the radator back. Also what kind of pipe bender did you get? I have been thinking about buying one and wondered if the 16 ton hydralic jack kind would be good enough.
Pro Lift, one of our Sponsers, makes very strong and excellent quality bumpers at a fair price.

Check out the Trail Armour front bumper it bolts to the frame and not the radiator mounts.I have one but its not installed yet as my RZR is not here yet should be in the end of this week. I will be posting picks when my build is done. but that could be a few weeks.
PrairieD, i have been looking at a lot of benders for along time, and i everytime i went to the local Harbor frieght, they would have the bender, but not the dies, or the dies and not all of the bender. i finialy got lucky and they had everything for $65.00 on sale.

I will have to mount it on my work bench to achieve some of the bends, but it will be well worth it. i think this is a 20ton jack tho..You may know which one i got, they are bright orange.
By the By, i thought about just getting one of those Cheap conduit benders and using a torch to heat the steel as i bent it, might be the quicker option..?
as far as that goes, i may still have to heat it up.
Thanks for the info guys.. i will post pics along the way..
It's probably the 12 ton for that price & it will bend it & you wont have to heat it. I got to let the computer charge & I will post pics of where the bumper mounts for you
thanks man.....Your the best... And thanks to eveeryone else aswell...
If you are bending tubing, try the next smaller die size, ie 1" tubing, 3/4 die. This will help keep it from krinkling too bad. The schedule 40 Water pipe will bend the best but is quite a bit heavier. It is spot on as far as die sizes go.

The top pic is of the left radiator mount hole & there is one on the right side also. The bottom pic is from under the machine & the bolt heads that are showing are the bumper mounting bolts & it's right next to the front differential drain
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nut, question about the first pic, did that mount come with the bumper kit? or is tht thing there and i just havnt noticed it yet?

By the way, thanks man
Everything outside of the mesh is hooked to the bumper. I was thinking about the same harbor freight bender to try and build some doors and maybe extend my cage. Thanks and good luck.
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