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If you haven't already done so, unroll and straighten you harness out. Starting at the battery end, rear of vehicle, put the end of the harness kit with the bent connectors close to the battery and then just drape the rest of the harness toward the front. DO NOT hook up to the battery!! There is no need to crawl under the machine as the harness will be on top of the floor, it will be covered by the consoles! Now that is an improvement!!
The next pictures will show the harness connectors already in place but here is a very important tip, DO NOT push the connectors on/in, until you are sure the harness routing is correct. They are next to impossible to remove. Your harness should fasten in the locations shown in the pictures. They have very precisely laid out the harness and I found the connectors to be in exactly the right spots!! REMEMBER, you are looking at a completed install, so make sure your harness is correct before fastening.
With that in mind, the first photo is going to show you the location of the 2 metal "snap fit" connectors. The one on the right side of the picture snaps onto the horizontal metal shifter bracket and the snap fit to the left side of the picture snaps onto the vertical shifter support.

This is a close up of the first snap fit, the one to the rear on the horizontal surface of the shifter bracket.

Here is a close up of the second snap fit, the one to the front, on the verticle shifter bracket.

Now, going forward, you have two push fit plastic fittings that fit into holes already in the plastic hoops in the tunnel area. The holes are toward the passenger side of the vehicle.

Before fastening these in, get the harness through the firewall and started upward. This part is difficult because this harness is very stiff. Just take your time. The next picture shows you where the next push in connector goes. There is an existing hole in an upright frame tube that you push it into. You want to make sure it is the correct one and make sure your harness is routed correctly before fastening.

Now, there is one more fitting to be pushed in. There is a hole in a cross brace that runs from side to side under the hood. This hole is on the firewall side. If you look in the picture below, through the middle, large hole, just to the left of the clear tube, you can see the point of this push fitting.

Now, the end of the harness with the flat connectors are hooked to the terminal strip under the hood. The black wire goes to the center, GND, terminal. The red wire goes to the right, Batt, terminal. The far left, Acc, terminal is a switched hot terminal. To fasten the ends to this terminal, you will need a THIN wall, 3/8 deep socket. There is not much room here because of the dividers!

This completes the installation of the busbar harness kit. While the battery is still disconnected, reinstall the consoles, starting with the rear one. The busbar harness just lays on the floor under the console, just make sure it is in about the middle and be careful with the Aux. power port when reinstalling. Take your time when reinstalling the rubber boots on the console and make sure the console edge is in the groove of the boot. Keep pulling and twisting so there are no wrinkles and you are sure it is installed correctly.
Now, reinstall the front console. Be very careful if you left the shifter boot on the console as I did. Just take you time and make sure it lines up so you don't poke a hole in the boot. Fasten the buckle boots back the same as the rear. Now, pop the cap off the top of the shifter knob and remove the screw. The shifter shaft is splined so the knob will only go on one way. Once lined up, take your hand and give it a good pop. When it is all the way down, put the torx screw back in and tighten. Don't overdo it, just snug it up good. The top cap is splined as well so it only goes one way. Once lined up, a good pop with your hand will fasten it. No need for hammers and such!! Now, the seats and hood can be reinstalled. Before putting the left rear seat in, you can hook the battery back up if you are done.
Notes and Tips:
1. Lay out the cable starting near the battery to get the proper routing.
2. DO NOT fasten the snap fits or push ins until you are SURE of proper routing.
3. The cable should fasten exactly as in the pictures above. If not, STOP, you have done something wrong.
4. You need a thin wall, 3/8 inch deep socket to get the nuts off the terminal strip. It is a very tight fit.
5. If you drop a nut off the terminal strip, look on top of the frame from inside the vehicle through the removed tunnel area.
6. Do not hook the battery back up until the very last thing.

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Great write up Bruce, I've he'd the harness for a while now and it's finally getting warm enough to start thinking about doing the install. I would like to be able to see the pictures on your post, but I get the photo bucket 3rd party hosting is temporarily disabled / to unlock your account visit photo bucket, message. I've been to photo bucket and I get nowhere ?
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