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Buying the right wheel

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OK guys...need to know what offset wheels to get. i will be getting 4 30/10/14 roctanes. i think the stock fronts are 4-2 and the rears are 5-3.. what i would like to know is what backspacing to get on my new wheels so i dont need spacers. i have 800 midsize with 2' lift, with ev springs and SATV front arched a-arms and soon rear arched a-arms...want to do this right... almost ordered 32s but was not sure if they would fit..Thanks for all your help...Rick
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One of the guys in our office is running 14x7 4+3 wheels with 28x10R-14 tires all the way around on his Ranger Crew. He has forward a-arms to make it fit.

Here is a photo with the same wheels but 27.5x9R-14 and 27.5x11R-14 Pit bull Growler Uber tires on it.

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