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Cab back with a sleeper are for my dog

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I built the cab back for my old RZR and it was great used 14ga metal cut and formed with a tinted glass laminated window. As soon as I get my new RZR I am thinking of building one piece top with cab back and a sleeper area for storage or my small dog. The bottom would have a 4" lip on the front to keep things from falling off and rest on the roll cage cross bar starting just an inch or so behind the seat headrests past the cross bar about 10" to 12". It will have window in back and one on each side and formed so that as the back window part bends and continues forward to be the cab top also.That would give me about a 12" to 14" shelf behind the seats for a small dog or coats or what ever needs to be stored for your ride. Then a piece to enclose the cage back from the sleeper the the body in front of the bed.
Anyone else build something like this or have additional thoughts or ideas for this project?
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