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I just finished putting canvas doors on my 2014 ranger 900. I have the tip out glass windshield and the sliding back glass. I drove it around a little bit and notice a lot of air coming in at my legs. My doors seal up really well. I noticed on previous threads that the hard doors come with a cab seal kit which mine did not. I found a part number 2879385. Has anyone bought this kit and was it worth 258.00. Does anyone have any alternatives.
I have the seal kit, it is nice to have the pieces already precut, and it helps, but I think it is overpriced.
If you have not looked, at the top of this section, there is an accessory thread that I started. On page two, another member posted the seal kit installation instructions with part numbers.

An alternative is to purchase some adhesive backed, closed cell, foam rubber. I do not have a lead for the foam rubber, I started working on it, but got side tracked. But you can make good use of some of the different types of weatherstripping found at Lowes or Home Depot.

The dash lets a lot of air/dust into the cab. There is a open area around the steering column, brake pedal/master cylinder, and on each side of the dash ( between the floorboard sides and the outer fender), under the dash cover. And several smaller areas, too numerous to mention.
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