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Changes in Amsoil recommendations?

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I have been using Amsoil in my Ranger since I bought it. I just looked at their website and they are recommending different oils than what I had previously been using. It shows that the Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid is recommended for the front diff. I have been using the
Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. What the difference? For the transmission/gearcase it gives 2 choices. How doI know which one to use? Also the oil filter is now EA Oil Filter - Motorcycle [black] (EaOM103) and I have been using the EA15K13 filter.
Have I been using the wrong stuff? I know there's a lot of amsoil guys out there that can help explain all this to me.

Here's the website
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I use the same filter that you do. In fact, it's the same filter my Nissan Titan is using. I don't remember what I used in the front differential, but it probably was the ATF since I have a few cases of it.

I hope you get a good answer on this from someone. If not, I'll see what I can do. I'm a Preferred AMSoil customer. Not that it does me a whole lot of good versus just a regular customer. In the past the tech support at AMSoil has been quick and thorough at answering my questions.
Just talked to amsoil tech line and he said no rush to change it out to the new recommendations, basically they have realized you can run the new tractor synthetic lube in the front and rear to make it more convenient. He did state no rush to change it out this change was not due to problems. I am not going to change mine right away but I am going to go to the synthetic tractor lube when I do so the front and rear will be the same. I forgot to ask about the oil filter, I run a Polaris one because when I got the machine amsoil did not have one. Merry Christmas everybody.
If you go to the Hilliard the MFR of the differential they require Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil SAE 5W-30 in their gear boxes. So you can use the Amsoil ATHQT-EA OIL.
No, you are not using the wrong stuff. They have just simplified the recommendations based on the latest testing of Polaris fluids.

has done extensive competitive testing on these Polaris fluids. Polaris AGL and Polaris Demand Drive Fluid tested very similar. The findings indicate the Polaris AGL, even though it's used in the gear-case; is not a traditional gear lube. It's a version of transmission/hydraulic oil. For these reasons, AMSOIL recommends their Synthetic Tractor Transmission Hydraulic Oil (ATH) in place of both the Polaris AGL and the Demand Drive Fluid.

The EAOM103 and the EA15K13 oil filter are very similar. AMSOIL now recommends the EAOM103 as it is more geared towards power sports but the EA15K13 could certainly be used in this application with no issue. The basic difference is size, the 15K13 is just a tad larger and might be a tight fit in the smaller engines like the 400, 500 whereas the 103 fits all. The size has no bearing on the filters effectiveness.

Contrary to perception, Polaris filters and lubes are not any different than anything else on the market. Polaris wants to keep customers "in house" so as a marketing decision they won't provide a means to find an alternative product. They only recommend what makes them money.

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EAOM103 - Wix 51358
EA15K13 - Wix 51356
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BINGO. well said
Since there are now two recommendations for oil in the rear gear/trans which one is better? what are the differences between the two?
ATH is the preferred recommendation. It has a higher Viscosity Index (VI), 170 vs 136 for TCCCN. An VI above 110 is considered very high. The higher the number the less change in viscosity over temperature extremes and the better it protects in extremely hot and cold climates.

So both lubes have excellent VI, ATH is just a little better in extreme temperatures.
What is the oil weight of the chain and gear case oil?
The tractor hydraulic/trans oil says its 10w-30 but I can't find the weight for the other one.
The tractor fluid is 5W-30 and the Chain case lube is 80 gear lube, not published but I know from prior inquiry. As you can see from the chart they are in the same range. Also is helpful to check the Kinematic viscosities at 40°C and 100°C for comparisons.

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