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Cheap seat cover idea

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I wanted a durable cheap seat cover for my new 570 Crew since our 75 lb lab seems to think the back seat is hers. I found some some layout mats that I used for dry field goose hunting. These mats can be bought at a variety of hunting stores in the waterfowl section and sometimes are pretty cheap. I bought the two I have about 5 years ago in a closeout sale for $8 each. They have a rubber or plastic waterproof backing, and a cordura nylon camo front. Mine have a nylon strap at one end that attaches to both sides. Currently, I have the nylon strap around the seat end and tuck the back of the mat under the seat in the back. I'm thinking of cutting two holes and positioning over the two posts where the back of the seat attaches to the frame. Anyway, right now it works fine and my dog won't tear up my seats.

Here a picture. Did I mention my shop cat likes the seats too? :)

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