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Clickety Clack in the Back

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So my rear CVs (I'm pretty sure) were making a fair amount of clicking and popping. Turning, going straight, rear locked, and rear open. I took it in to my dealer to see if I couldn't con them into a warranty set of new rear axles. They said the CVs looked just fine, but it was their extreme angle that was causing them to make noise?!?

All I have the the Nethawk 2" lift and I have the shocks in the center hole on his revised mounting bracket. I've got about 80 hours on the lift and the machine (I put it on right after purchase).

Has anyone else had any issues like this? I think my shop is full of $(%(?*$*!(#)@(%. How could it be making enough metal on metal contact to sound like that, and there is no problem?

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Clayton - I have an almost identical set-up as you, including using center position in Nethawk's mount. I have 73 hrs (over 50 with this set-up) and it has done very severe service, including hauling firewood, (gravel, rocks & dirt out of a wet steep pit) & plowing snow. Mine is as quiet as a church mouse. No suggestions but I do not believe noise is caused by this set-up.
Clayton - Be sure to let us know what you come up with. It surely isn't too common.
I don't know if I have prevented any noised by accident. About every month I have liberally sprayed my front & reat CV joints (aiming for the boots) after washing the mud off. Ran suggested this after he had to replace boots. I haul heavy loads and use engine braking a lot - so far not a bit of noise with 78 hours on it. I do very little trail riding, mostly heavy hauling & plowing.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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