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Clutch kit question

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There are many options and for someone that is not very good with clutching on these things, I need some help. I have been searching and reading on here but no one is really telling me the differences.

I see everything form an EPI, Dalton, dirty dawg and a few more names thrown out there. Looks like you can get away for a couple hundred bucks from EPI or over a grand from dirty dawg. Dirty dawgs website unfortunately doesn't give any details at all on his clutch kits, that I saw.

So what am I getting if I spend more and step up to some of these more expensive ones? I saw a mention on an EPI thread that the EPI kit will not help the shift engagement that we have common issues with, so will some of the other kits?

I am running a 900xp with 30" tires. Top speed is not of concern to me, I rarely travel over 25-30, and even then it is not actually needed. I run in low a lot now and will still continue to do after a clutch kit, but now Hi is almost not usable without feeling of stressing the belt. I only use hi when traveling on hardpack level roads.

Thanks for the help.
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Keep in mind the XP Browning edition has a different secondary clutch. Team Rapid Reaction vs the Inverted Boss style with integral helix which is a POS, why on earth Polaris switched is beyond me.

The non-EBS secondary will have poor engagement. You can up a new secondary with helix and spring for about $380.
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