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I will try and make this a short read instead of my normal long winded article.

After owning a XP 900 and having the primary clutch lock up due to dirt making it's way into the bearing plus reading issues on this forum I decided Hunterworks needed to address this issue and help you guys out.

All Polaris RZR's and Ranger's of all models need clutch maintenance every so often depending on how dusty the conditions might be. Do NOT put any kind of filter on it though as air flow will decrease and heat is a bigger enemy.

It might be kinda costly to buy the tools necessary to take your primary apart and your secondary apart but in the long run you will save yourself some trouble, lost riding time and money.

One complaint is "My Ranger is hitting the rev limiter at odd times all of a sudden and does not do it at same speed every time.

The problem is dirt is building up in the bushings in the primary and binding it.

Another reason to buy the tools and do the maintenance is to save the cost of buying a new clutch from all the wear the dirt causes in the bushings.

I promised to keep this short but the point of this is, you simply need to do some maintenance on your clutches every so often to keep them from costing you time and money.
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