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Clutch question

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So if my Ranger is grinding after putting it into gear and it either engages when the RPMs drop or if I shift to neutral and back into gear, would it help if I changed the clutch? Is it the transmission mating to the clutch or just the transmission? How do I tell? I've never pulled a clutch off, but it doesn't seem too difficult. I want to do something to fix the issue so I don't have to replace the transmission.
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Even more evidence that it is not the linkage.... Change secondary... :).... Any of your friends have an upgraded one?....if so it would be worth it to swap it just to confirm that it will fix the issue...I think you'll be pleased with the result.... That grinding issue is a very very common issue on the 900's

Do this quick check....remove the clutch cover and then start the machine in neutral...

is the secondary spinning?

If so, how quickly?....

If so, can it be EASILY stopped with your hand? (Be careful :))

If not, put it in gear and then spin it forward by hand, then give it some gas and see if it grinds....I'd bet a nickel it doesn't :).....

Seems ms like you e found the fix to this issue. Will polaris address this and warranty it or is this something we have to take care of on our own?

its not been a big deal to me till this past weekend I thought it was in gear in a rocky hill situation, hgave it about 40% throttle and it was NOt in gear.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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