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Hi, I have a 2009 Polaris Ranger 700xp.

It runs great for 15 minutes then backfires, stalls, and hesitates. Sometimes if I shut it off and restart it, it runs good for a few minutes, sometimes not. It gives code 21.

At this point I've replaced the fuel pump & regulator, cps & tbap sensor. The wires from all three sensors (tps also) all test good back to the ecm. I am going to just run new wires from the cps to the ecm. BUT, one of those wires doesn't have insulation from the factory, question 1. can I use an insulated wire to replace the non-insulated wire?

Question 2, any other suggestions as to what I should be looking for? The tps was adjusted and wires replaced last summer at a dealer because of an idle/non-start issue, but the took 3 trip to get resolved so I'm trying to tackle this myself.

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