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Cold weather problems

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I have a 2010 xp800 that runs good all winter.. However when it gets -10 to -20 wind chill i start having problems.. It will bog down for 30-60 seconds like it is loaded up and then take off running good. This will repeat over and over. Gas is good and has deicer in it. This only happens when i head out on lake.
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Sure sounds like a fuel problem, and water/ice in the fuel would be my first guess. Also make sure that your fuel tank vent tube isn't (partially) stopped up. Have you checked the fuel pressure?
Can i harm my engine if i use to much fuel antifreeze? How do you ck fuel presure? It starts and plows good even in sub zero days. Just on lake with extended time at higher rpm and low wc factors
its trying to tell you to get it inside and put on a heater LOL T&S
Has to be a fuel delivery problem...not sure what direction to tell you to go though. I'd start with some SeaFoam (or similar) in the gas tank and see if that helps. Could be getting water in the fuel from condensation and its trying to burn more of the water/gas mixture at a faster rate with the higher RPM, which would cause it to cut in and out if theres enough water in the fuel... would be an easy starting point at least!
Can i harm my engine if i use to much fuel antifreeze?......
Yes, you can. Most of those additives are mainly alcohol, and that can do bad things to a fuel system. The best thing would be to empty the tank completely so you'll only be dealing with what little fuel is still in the EFI system. Then use the recommended amount of HEET (or whatever brand of water remover). I like Sea Foam as mentioned above, but I don't think it does as good of a job at specifically removing water (assuming that's the problem).

Be sure to check that vent line. A small bubble of water could cause this issue. Air could vent past the small bubble, but then wouldn't be able to once it froze.
It's bogging down? could be the oil pressure relief valve it stuck shut. does it ever die out if you give it gas when cold? and then crank over like it's got no compression?
not sure what kind of gas you're running, but I noticed all of our rangers when the cold started in november (below zero temps) would start up cold, and if you touched the accelerator pedal before 20-30 seconds had passed, the engine would just die. We found out that this problem went away when we got our load of wintertime unleaded in 91 octane (no ethanol). There is a difference between summer and winter gas. and it'll make a big difference in how your engine acts until it's warmed up.

if you're running ethanol in your gas, then that could be the problem all by itself. polaris rangers don't run good on any blend of ethanol. it's complete junk fuel, and these things know it.
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If its drygas, that crap will attract water and turn it into a'll have a huge blob floating around. haha Seen this in numerous automobiles. Id check fuel pressure when this happens. Im with all the guys here when it comes to fuel delivery issues. I really need to break down and buy a dang fuel line building kit so i can put an inline filter in..
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