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Ok folks, I mulled over last night my tone and language to use and then read your comments this morning. I decided to call Donna but dictate the direction of conversation and not leave any opening for her to mandate further rules. Here is how I phrased the helmet issue:

"Donna, some of the folks do not have helmets but some have extra ones. Some folks are going to try and cover those without helmets but it will require them to check the bag instead of carrying it on. IF the airline loses it and we end up with no helmets for some, do you have helmets available for use?"

I figured I would make it sound like we were making an effort. She said yes, she would see what she could do. I then emphasized that we would try but if the airline loses the luggage, we WERE NOT GOING TO BE THERE LONG ENOUGH to find them![}:)] Sorry, I had to get in one dig!!! She seemed to be the most concerned that everyone at least have goggles. So, I believe they will cough up some helmets should they be needed.

Second Question: "Donna, since we are dividing up into two groups and we only have an hour, the group is wanting to know if there will be enough RZR's to go around or do we have to share?"

Answer:"Everyone will have their own RZR!! One RZR per person![:D][:D]

So, I know there will be at least 7 RZR's there for use to break, er, I mean ride!![:D]

Neal, I didn't ask the camera question. I don't want to give her a chance to say no. I am bringing mine, the only thing they can say is no. I suspect there will be a certain area for photos though.

So, that is a relief to have gotten that taken care of. So, if we can come up with 7 helmets, that will be great. I am going to go buy one this morning. Lynette, tell Dan that he does not need to go buy anything, I think we will have it covered.
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