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I posted this in the general discussion for the all forums, but this was more of a Ranger specific topic so I'm reposting it. I'm new to the forum so bear with me as I navigate my way through. I am about to purchase a new 900 crew. I've got big plans for it to include a decent size lift, wheels/tires, clutch, stereo, amongst other things. I'm trying to finalize all my plans so I can order everything as soon as I get it. Right now I'm between a Catvos 6" lift or an Outkast 5". By biggest question mark is which tires to get. I've narrowed it down to 31" outlaw skinny's or 33" terms. I've read a lot of forums on this topic, but still can't decide. Seems people are satisfied with both. I like the fact the outlaws are MUCH lighter and the rotational mass is smaller, however I like the fact the terms seem to ride better and the additional ground clearance. Any input is appreciated.

I'm not too crazy when I ride (currently running a 05 Rincon with BRGR and 28" zillas). I am looking for something to load up a cooler with my family and friends and run around. I live in Central Florida and I ride where there is a lot of deep water and sandy/dirt trails. I know the lift and tires upgrade will eventually cause some issues with the axles and stuff, but I also know a lot of that depends on the driver. I would like to maintain a little reliability (if that's possible). I spoke with catvos and they said they have been running their 6" lift with 32" tires on a Ranger and have put over 1200 miles on it with no issues, so that's promising. Sorry for the novel just wanted to give everyone as much info as possible to make an informative response. Feel free to comment on the two lift options as well.

Thanks guys,
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