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Crusher wheels from 13 RZR-S on 14 570?

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I have a stock 14 ranger 570. Guy on craigslist has some 12" crusher takeoffs from a 2013 RZR-s with 26" bighorns.

Will this setup mount directly to my 570 ranger without issues?

He is asking $650. Is that a good price?
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Thanks rancher.

The guys said he would sell the set for $650 shipped to my door. This doesn't sound like a great price but I have no clue what the crusher wheels are worth. I know a new set of 26" bighorns from atvoutfitters was going to run $475 shipped. Thoughts on price as a set?
$475 is a great price for a set 26" Bighorns shipped, btw. The price of their website is $581 so apparently they're offering you a very nice discount.

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Exactly... ….I was very pleased with their quote. That is why I cannot decide if it is worth spending the extra $175 to get the crusher wheels from the Craigslist deal.

Although the tire shop quoted me $60 for a tire swap mount so I would be in for $535 to get tires only applied to my factory rims and mounted up.
Are you sure that price wasn't for the 2.0's? That's by far the best price I've seen. I'd probably still rather have the wheels too though, that way you can sell your stock ones and recover some of the cost. We just sold a set of steel wheels and 489's off a '14 800 for $250...

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Good call Will....the takeoffs are original BH and the tire only quote are the 2.0. Are the original BH a better tire over the 2.0?
Thanks for all your replies Will Reed! I think I may go ahead and get them. I have a Yamaha Kodiak 450 atv that is in need of some new rubber so I could put the 489's on that machine. I would then be left with a set of polaris steel wheels but I could probably peddle those eventually. Any market for a polaris steel rim only?
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