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DDM HID install

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This may be a dead horse to some. But i just installed the 55w color 6000 HID lights.

First of all you do not need the HID harness. Install is about an hour. It requires a hot connection to the battery and 2 grounds. I used the hot connector and ground at the terminal, the second ground is a bolt by the radiator bottle, each bulb has a ground. There is only one connector from the Rangers wiring from the bulb, the second one is not used. Only needs one to signal power on and then high beam movement.

The connector on the DDM is not quite a good fit and took some fiddling not to bend the 3 little connectors, I checked the connections with a probe after they were plugged in, the first time I bent a pin, do double check.

The bulb seal seems to be just on the edge of being loose, I read that exchanging the regular bulb seal helps. I will do this if I get moisture.

The brightness is the same for high and low beam, both 55W in my case, when going to high beam the bulbs move up physically, they use an electrical connection to signal the bulbs to move when going to high. I think it is an electromagnetic movement with a return spring.

I used a glue, GOOP to mount my HID ballast to the top of the plastic headlight housing, I could not find a convenient place to bolt them without a lot of work.
It surprised me when I ordered them, they came in the mail from China. The quality of everything looks good. I will order a spare ballast and bulb.
They are BRIGHT and WHITE. Much better than factory. Hope this helps
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I used a hid kit from DDM in my car. I took a cheap pair of driving lights and bought the kit to fit them. H3 I think. It was a 35 watt setup and its been going strong for 3 years now. Really good for the county roads I have to drive at night.
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