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Posted - March 22 2007 : 10:19:58 PM


About a week ago my Ranger ('04 6x6, 625 hours) started sputtering and dying, and fuel was spurting out of the vent lines from the carburetor. I let it sit for a while, and started it right up, no problems until yesterday. Yesterday it sputtered a little bit, and fuel came out of the vent lines, but after 15 seconds or so it was fine. Today, I put about 5 hours on it spraying fence lines, and the whole day it had been kind of sputtering and dying, sometimes fuel would come out the vent lines. I replaced the needle and seat a couple hundred hours back, because fuel was coming out of the overflow/drain on the bottom...which didn't help, so I ran a hose from there to the fuel tank.

Now, the major thing: when I was looking at that before I quit this evening, I saw oil all over the place. Couldn't find out where it was coming from, so I cleaned it all off, started it up and revved it up in neutral. Once the oil pressure got up, oil started running out, and then squirting out, from the gasket between the jug and the engine block (in a little farther than the head gasket).

So, I think I will have to pull the engine, which means taking off the drive clutch, if I read the book right. How hard is it to take the clutch off? What about taking the engine out, is it a pretty hard job?

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