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Detailed Installation Instructions for Hard Coat Lock and Ride Full Windshield XP900

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I recently installed the Hard Coat Full Windshield on my '13 XP900. The instructions were extremely poor (both inaccurate and vague). You'd be better off tossing the instructions and ciphering it out on your own. I decided to put together some actual instructions to explain the process and offer some tips and tricks. While it is still a pretty easy installation, the instructions are so poor that it makes it a lot more potentially confusing than it actually is.



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Nice right up, that is very helpful.
Sounds like false advertising on the part of Polaris. It should be called the "Do some work, do some more work, then lock and ride". Are all the Polaris windshields this much work?
I have the poly instead of the glass and it is a 30 second install/uninstall.
Thanks for the write up. The instructions from Polaris are trash. Very easy to install with your instructions.
Great write up. I wish it was here before I bought mine. The instructions are crap. Someone posted how to install canvas doors here somewhere. I read that before I bought mine. It was a great help.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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