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Here's the scoop. Polaris is sponsoring this contest to help find out what problems or obstacles you currently have with your machines that an accessory product might fix. The contest rules will have some examples, so you can get an idea what they are trying to get your input on.

This is a golden opportunity for our PRC to have some real input into the development of accessories that you can really use and enjoy. I'm sure there are a lot of times that you were trying to accomplish something with your Ranger or RZR and wished that you have something not currently available.

This is a win, win for our members. You will have a chance to tell Polaris what you would like to see and three of you are going to win some nice prizes for your efforts! Please keep in mind that these ideas are for the development of new accessories and is not a place to complain. If you have complaints, we do have sections for discussing them.

Feel free to offer suggestions for accessories that you might enjoy, even if you aren't having any problems.

Enter as many ideas as you want, but let's keep it fun and really participate. If this is successful, we may see more of these contests in the future.

Any ideas submitted become exclusive rights of Polaris.
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