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DF half door snow gasket

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To help keep snow out I cut a 5inch wide piece of tire tube in the shape of the hinge side of the door. Then sandwiched it between the skin and the door frame (used the existing bolts) leaving a bout and inch and a half sticking outside the door. After putting the door back on the hinges I just tucked it in behind the hinges and along side the plastic side portion of the ranger. My original intention was to leave it stick out straight and seal flush against the plastic, but tucking it in made a better seal and it stayed there.
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I put pipe insulation around the bottom of my half doors to help keep the dust from seeping in. I am still working on getting away to make it stay in place. Any glue I use melts the insulation. I guess that is what it is about trial and error , that's why they call WD-40 not WD-1.
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