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different oh **** handle

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Has anybody done anything different? During our ride last weekend, my ol lady kept having to let go of the one on the cage due to limbs smacking her hands. I've been thinkin about building one to span across the width of the cage with a handle more right in front of her instead of the side of the cage. Anybody got ideas or pics?
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cant remember the site but here is what I thought about buy it was like 130$
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Pretty much what I thought about doin, but with a round/curved handle. That looks like it'll hurt if so e thing went wrong!
that's how the rzr is but u put hand grip with ends ill had something like that on my new cage
I looked at her rzr and thought about that, but I'd rather have a curved bar welded to it like the stock one on the cage is. I can build one, was just hoping somebody had a pic of some kinda like what u posted that bolt to the cage.
o I got ya .. yea that would be a lil more friendly I may do that instead
That looks like it'll hurt if so e thing went wrong!

Any way something like this could be mounted to the dash?


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Put an old stearing wheel on it.:sneakiness:
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YAH, one with bearings in it so they can

as for the actual grab bar, yah...go with a rounded bar type deal..everytime i see a rzr with those cheesy little bicycle handlbar looking apperatus's mounted in the cab, my mind starts to race about the bad stuff that could happen if a sudden, front impact was to happen...omg, talk about a bad bad deal..ugh, yuck!
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Or this kind of a handle


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I use these and really like them. They come in pairs and I have one on the drivers and passengers side. My overhead gun rack also makes a great handhold when a gun is not in it too.
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