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I have a 2012 Ranger Crew 800. I was riding last weekend and I felt like something was wrong. But, I couldn't really hear anything over the motor and it was just a slight drift. Like I needed an alignment.

After about 4 miles of riding on an improved grade I heard something odd when I slowed down a bit. I stopped and checked the UTV. I found the right rear inner CV boot ripped and the left rear CV boot blown off. Grease on the ground in the spot where I slowed down seemed to indicate it had just blown there.

Also, later I found grease blown all over the front of the roll bar behind the front passengers head. It looks like that could only have come from the front differential vent tube that I have run up to the top of the roll bar.

I installed the fan mod and the switch was left in the off position while we were setting up camp. The Ranger over heated. But, once cooled off started and ran fine for two days.

Any ideas on what could have caused this?

What to check before putting the UTV back together?

Where to buy the CV boots? Spare CV bands and the tool for tightening the CV bands?

By the way. Since I was on an improved grade, I had the trailer brought to the Ranger and did not drive it anymore except to pull it on the trailer.

I appreciate any input.
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