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Dirtwheels Rhino Article Lovefest!!!!

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2007 Rhino review:

They acted like this was the end all machine of all time. They gushed and gushed over it.

They seemed perfectly happy that the Rhino only has 7 inches of travel....well after all you can buy aftermarket shocks and long travel kits.

The engine and cockpit are so noisy that you have to yell at each other at anything other than an Idle. That shouldn't be a problem because after all you can buy a two way communication system, complete with brand name and phone number.

yeh it's slow at almost 40 mph, but can spend alittle coin at your local aftermarket dealer and squeeze a few extra out of it.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing the Rhino..I have a Grizzly and LOVE IT. I just simply read this article with total disbelief how this same magazine pretty much nit picked the RZR and there final conclusion was, yeh its fast and handles good and has great suspension, but we're just not real sure. Even though it basically outperformed the Rhino in almost every catagory. WHAT? Then these same group of people test the Rhino and almost wet their pants all over again. I do believe the Rhino is a good vehicle and deserves all the praise it has earned. I just find it suspicious that they tested both vehicles and wrote the articles what seemed very slanted it two totally different directions. You might think that these are politicians or YAMAHA might be one of their biggest advertisers. HMMMM!

Bottom line is they tested both veicles, pointed out the good and not so good and seemed to make excuses for what seemed their favorite. Not the objective information that I paid for in my opinion.

Again, I'm not bashing the product, just not too Jazzed on the "Fair and Balance reporting" That I thought that we deserved.
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Dirt Wheels did a hatchet job on the RZR and their "objective opinions" are obviously for sale. I haven't seen the Rhino article but I am not the least bit surprised after reading the RZR article[:(!]
Very dissapointing with their reporting for sure. Maybe I'm too sensitive because I'm still waiting on my RZR! Ha! Ha!
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Very dissapointing with their reporting for sure. Maybe I'm too sensitive because I'm still waiting on my RZR! Ha! Ha!
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I can't comment since I did not read the articles, but they are obviously more familiar with the Rhino, and a lot of Rhino vendors advertise in the mag, so it's possible they are hoping to prop up sales of the Rhino to keep those advertisers on board. Then again, it could just be personal preference, since the mag is written by people, and opinions will always influence these types of things.I think the Rhino is super machine and with the time the aftermarket has had to develop items for them, you can make it into just about anything you want
over the weekend i had a couple of "rhino" people in the rzr with me.. the biggest comments i got out of them were "i cant get over how smooth this thing is" "god it's fast" and "i'll trade you my rhino and a couple of grand for it"
i've not played around in a rhino very much.. but i think i got the answer i was looking for.
so dirt wheels can say whatever they want.. rhino people can say whatever they want.. i dont care.. i'm a big yamaha fan and i've always steered away from popo's.. but i really like this one..

maybe their trying to protect the ego of the rhino people.. you know those guys riding around in 30K modified rhinos at 45mph.
I stay away from ATV mags, I get the UTE mags now like Cartwheelin. I like how they talk about ride areas where you can take these things.
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