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Doing it right from the beginning!

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I am getting ready to start adding electrical accessories to my new Ranger Full Size and I have some questions! Right now I plan on putting the following accessories on her.......50" LED Light Bar, 12" LED Light Bar, LED Dome Light, and two LED Cubes for back-up lighting. Possibly more electronics as the need arises! I have been seeing posts about these Blue Seas fuse boxes and duel batteries so I have some questions.

First off, I am not a whizz on electrical wiring but I can figure it out with time. Would you suggest I go a fuse box route or just wire with given wiring harnesses. I am interested in doing it the cleanest and best way now since I essentially have a clean slate with no electronics mounted just yet. If a fuse box exc. is best, what advantage would it give over the traditional wiring? What is the best route to go on wiring it up?

Once again any help would be great and I am just trying to do it right the first time so thought I would check in here at PRC!
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Definitely add the fuse box. If you only planned to add one electrical accessory, it would be different. You can put each item on it's own fuse so, if you ever have an issue. you'll be able to isolate where the problem lies.
I would recommend you install a fuse block so that the wiring will be neat and orderly and safe. With the fuse block, you do not have a million little 16-14AWG wires shoe horned under a battery terminal; rather, the leads go to their respective spots on the fuse block. Likewise with the negative wires. A fuseblock with a negative buss will be even better.

Then, if you do decide to add a second auxiliary battery down the road, all you have to change is the main power and negative wires from the main battery to the auxiliary battery.
Afuse pannel is a must or you take the chance of burning your machine up,And make shure it's big enough.
Ok a fuze block it is! Can someone walk me through the components I need to order with the possibility of a second battery at a later date? I don't plan on a second battery this time but don't want to have to rewrite the machine if I add one. Not sure what I need!

Get you a Blue Seas block, a spool of quality tinned wiring, ring terminals, and go to town!
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I have been studying a little more on what I would like to do. I want all accessories to be "keyed hot" and a 12 fuse holder for growth. Which Blue Seas box do I order? What fuse do I order for the battery cable to the box and does anything else need to be added in the line before it fond TS to the box like a relay or something? If so what specific part do I get?
Go to the Ranger Technical forum and take a look at "Electrical Add-ons 101, parts 1 and 2", posted by fswan. Good info there. Helped me alot.:positive:
Thx. I see the blue seas offer the box with negative bus and without. What does this mean and which one do I need?
I would go with the one that also has the ground, I did mine with an 85 amp breaker and a constant on solenoid that's swiched on with the key heres my setup


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A second vote for using the one with the negative buss bar.
Negative bus bar but what does this mean? How is wiring diffwerent with the negative bus bar vs a bus bar without the negative? I would like a 100 amp + fuse box with 12 spots to put accessories. Would I use a 100 amp inline fuse to the hot battery cable too or different amp? Suggestions on which inline 100 amp fuse?
Having a negative buss bar just means it has a place on the fuse box to hook up the ground wires. It keeps you from running a bunch of ground wires to your battery, or trying to use the frame (or some other location) as a common ground.

Yes, you'll want to have an inline fuse or circuit breaker between the battery and the fuse box. It's unlikely that you'll ever use 100 amps of power (if you do, you'll be WAY over the vehicle's charging capacity), but if you plan to have a 100 amp panel, then you'll need a fuse the same size. Place the fuse or breaker as close to the battery as possible/practical. You can get one at your local auto parts store. A self-resetting breaker is best.
All is starting to make sense. When I run the negative do I run a negative cable from the battery directly to the fuse box, just like the positive cable? The only difference is that the positive will have an inline fuse? If I plan on adding a double battery at a later date do I need to add anything special now or run the wires a little different knowing this could be plan for the future?
Yes, yes, and no. I wouldn't do anything different at the moment. You really couldn't unless you already know if and where you'd mount the second battery.

If you intend to use most of the 100 amps in that block, I foresee an auxillary battery in your future......and even that will not solve ALL of your problems. I'm not sure about your particular machine, but the charging system on most Polaris SXS's is only 500 watts or less, and that is in the upper rpm range. Using 100 amps of 12 volt is gonna be over 1200 watts, so you'll be well beyond the capacity of the stock stator and will deplete the stock battery QUICKLY. Just something to think about when adding accessories.
I would have a winch, dome, three front LED bars and two rear cubes. Any idea how I can see where I stand on accessories output?
I would have a winch, dome, three front LED bars and two rear cubes. Any idea how I can see where I stand on accessories output?
You'd need to know max amperage draw of each.
I would have a winch, dome, three front LED bars and two rear cubes. Any idea how I can see where I stand on accessories output?
3 front bars? Might be easier and less wiring to just have 1 good size bar in front and a small bar in the back wouldn't it?
Best to wire the winch directly to the battery.
So negative to negative terminal and positive to positive terminal? I would like the winch to be keyed on vs full on. Suggestions?
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