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Done for now

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Finally got the front seat and lights installed. I think that's going to be all for awhile. Just so I don't get bashed too much, I detailed the Ranger because the guy I purchased all of the accessories from wants to put it on his web page.

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Very nice looking Ranger Curtis, awesome job in all the details.
You did such a great job of detailing your Ranger do you want to come to Arizona and detail mine too. That is really sharp.
Joe in Tucson
Looks great, Curtis! Nice looking Ranger.
Looks great! Love the seats! Now that I have my rear cage mod's complete, I need to get one of those rear seats.
Nice work, it looks sharp!
I like those seats where did you get them?
One fine looking Ranger...don't stop now!
Looks great!![:p][:)]
Very nice. Very nice ;-)
Looks great, thanks....
Thanx everyone. The seats are from PRP.
Can you still dump the bed with that setup?
Do you have a pic of the back? Thanks!
Those front seats are AWESOME!!!
Nice job Curtis
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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