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Door Safety Net Removal 570 Full Size

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The mechanic at the dealer ship talked like removing the door safety nets was a big project requiring removal of some of the plastic trim etc. He did not have time to work on it. OR more likely did not want to take it off EDIT due to liability issues.
It was a nice day for December today, High 50's and I had time to work on this project.

Tools Required:
3/8 Inch ratchet
3/8 Inch Extension 6" - 12" in length.
10mm Socket
13mm Socket
T40H Torque Socket
Blue LocTite
3/8 Inch Driver Handle would not hurt either for running the bolts down hand tite.

To start with no plastic trim needs to be removed.
Remove the Torque screw holding the netting to the floor. Put a little LocTite on the screw, and reinstall.
Remove both 10mm Bolts holding the Tube Side Guard on the outside of the seat.
Remove the 13mm Bolt holding the bottom of the Tube Side Guard. The side guard is now disconnected.
Remove the Torque screw holding the lower net from the Side Guard. Reinstall the screw.
Reinstall the Tube Side Guard using Blue LocTite on all 3 Bolts. Install all 3 bolts before tightening.
Repeat on the other side.

Both sides should take about 10 Minutes.

I think saving the Door Safety Nets would be a good plan so they are with the machine when you trade it back in down the road.

My best buddy Barkley likes the safety nets being off. He likes to launch out the doors chasing squirrels in the woods. He is a Bull Terrier, and lives to chase Squirrels.

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It sure is easier to get in and out of without the nets.
I do plan on doors sooner or later. I may need to get the hardware and have a buddy who does lots of custom projects make them. He makes lots of Aluminum Tread Plate tops for them. I will almost guarantee they won't cost $800 to have him make them either.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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