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Dragon fire stage 1, 2" lift?

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Wanting to put just a basic lift on my 14' crew, has anyone tried the dragon fire stage 1? Going to stick with my factory rims and put on 27" tires. Would love your input
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That's the one I did but also added super atv forward arms and then went with 30" tires. I luv this setup no problems at all. Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire
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If I'm just putting 27" tires on will I need to change my A-arms or will I be ok with just the 2" lift?
I am running 27×10x14 on stock lift no problems so the lift will give you more clearance.
I am running 27×10x14 on stock lift no problems so the lift will give you more clearance.
Did you use a new clutch with that setup?
Right on, where I ride I need just a little more clearance so hopefully the lift and tires will cure my problems, I'm also going to put the Duraclutch system on cause I've burnt up a few belts and the hold back on steep rocky grades is horrible right now
I just read on Hunterworks site that the duraclutch won't work on the crew model... only the single cab. Not sure why.
And btw you don't need clutching for 27" tires
Duraclutch works on Crew models, not sure why the website would say that....
I need the clutching for the steep grades I'm constantly going down and to minimize belt slip, I've heard about and experienced burning up of belts
I was about to get the dragonfire stage 1, but found a deal on the marshall motoart 2.5 in. very nice kit easy install. I gained about 1.5 in. in ground clearance. I'm looking to put 27'a on it. I haven't taken it out yet to see how it rides.


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