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dual batteries with manual isolator switch

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adding big auto battery to run my ranger, will be using the factory battery as back up. how do i charge the batteries seperatly, when i switch to 1 or 2 how do i set it up to
charge only the one i have selected by the switch? im using blue seas manual switch off-1-2-1&2 thanks
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Not sure, most people use the automatic type isolator. I'm sure it will come with some wiring directions.
yea 1 to pos and 2 to pos and 3 is common
just wondering if i hook up stator wire to common on switch, will it charge the battery by switch location?
I have mine set up through a battery switch to terminal posts. The stator will charge the battery that you have selected, I have not installed my dual volt meter yet so I pick and choose which battery I run and charge depending what I've been using. If you are not using identical batteries, do not keep the switch on 1+2 position, that would be for emergency starting only and then immediately switch to one or the other
just got mine all hooked together charges it fine
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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