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Enclosing the RZR

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Anyone figure out what the least expensive way is to create a good full cab enclosure for the RZR without having zipper doors ? I would like to have a similar set up to what I have on my Rhino. I wonder if anyone will make full/half doors..

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Im sure they will. I think that within a year there will be just as much stuff available for the RZR as there is for the Ranger. Probably more.
At the R&D facility we were at, we didn't see any with a cab but the RZR was absolutley designed with a cab and doors in mind. Find a good picture of one from the side and you'll see the groves that were let to install doors at a later date. I bet in a year there will be more accessories available for the RZR than for a Rhino if they can keep the production numbers up, we know there is a market.
I am sure that they will have one soon.
[:p] I bet we will see "RZRWARE" soon
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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