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We have testing the HD design secondary clutch on a 2012 Ranger 800.

Except for 08 and some 09 RZR's, 2013 RZR S LE and the Ranger 800 HD all come with the rapid reaction secondary clutch. We call it the cheap one, Polaris simply changed it to save some money.

What we lost was more low speed engine braking. What we get with this one is better backshifting, smoother upshift with the roller helix in the HD design secondary plus more and longer acting engine braking.

What does this do for you? I can tell you what it does on a 2012 Ranger 800!!

On the test vehicle you could let off the gas and when it got to 18mph the primary clutch would disengage and you would begin to free wheel, start losing engine braking with total freewheel at 10 mph. Was not able to get any kind of downhill engine breaking at all plus the terrible sound from the belt freewheeling and the jerking between 18 and 10 mph.

So after installing the complete HD design secondary low speed engine braking is very much improved. We are using the same less EBS helix we recommend and will be selling for the XP 900. Full EBS (engine braking system) notch is just too much engine braking and is very abrupt. So what happens when we let off the gas was very smooth engine braking with no noise all the way down to nearly stopped before the primary disengaged.

On a downhill, if you were going at least 10 mph when you start down the hill we have full engine braking all the way down the hill. If you was to barely push yourself over the hill then it would freewheel but if all you do is blip the throttle it would engage and stay engaged up to almost stopping.

To get full on engine braking no matter what you do you have is to install the one way bearing in the primary and then remove shims from between the secondary to tighten the belt. This will be fine if you really need that much engine braking but only negative is the one way bearing does not last that long, so if you don't mind replacing it every now and then, then that is a option too.

My opinion is people who want more engine braking to a lower speed and want to get rid of the jerky stops can simply replace the secondary with the HD design. After riding it this way I really don't see a need in adding the one way bearing but like I said I am sure someone needs that much braking but I tell you it is much improved.

The local customer who I used his Ranger is coming tomorrow to pick it back up and I am going to get his take on it before we put them on the site.

We will be offering them with two different springs, red for tires up to 28" and green for above.

When we start selling it, it will ship totally complete with helix and spring already installed.

All you will have to do is remove CVT cover, remove belt, bolt from secondary sheave, install this one directly, put belt back on, crank it and check for alignment.

Easy way to check for belt alignment is to see where the belt is riding in the primary clutch, it should be coming to rest right in the middle of the primary with some clearance on each side of the belt. If out of alignment you can either remove or add shims behind the secondary sheave. Most people will not have to do anything, the one we tested with did not need adjusting.

Models we will be carrying this for is the Ranger 800, RZR 800 and S model and the 570

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